Presented works on the currently largest railway project in the Republic of Croatia 

As part of the works carried out on the currently largest infrastructure railway project in Croatia "Reconstruction of the existing and construction of the second track of the railway on the section Križevci - Koprivnica - state border" media representatives visited together with representatives of HŽ Infrastructure construction site and on that occasion they were informed about the progress of works and future plans. This is a project worth 350 million euros, whose eligible costs are co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), and which is included in the list of strategic projects of the Republic of Croatia.

The importance of the project is exceptional because with it HŽ Infrastruktura continues with the modernization of the RH2 corridor from the Port of Rijeka through Zagreb to the state border with the Republic of Hungary, ie with the modernization of the Croatian part of the Mediterranean Corridor. T).

The project includes works on the reconstruction of the existing track and the construction of the second track from Križevci to the Hungarian border. The contact network and other electric power plants, as well as signal-safety and telecommunication devices will be renewed and modernized. This will enable the achievement of train speeds of up to 160 km / h, with a limit of up to 150 km / h in Lepavina and 100 km / h in Koprivnica, because in these areas these are urban areas with specific restrictions.
Currently, works are being carried out along the entire 42.6 km long section.

Project manager Ivo Jurić

- About 350 workers are currently employed on the construction site, working in parallel on the open railway and overpasses Križevci, Lepavina 2, Vuk, Danica, Šoderica, Sokolovac and Novo Drnje, viaducts Carevdar, Komari and Vojakovački Kloštar, at the station building in Novi Drnje, stops and Peteranec and on the construction of a railway bridge over the Drava River in Botovo. - said Ivo Jurić, project manager of HŽ Infrastrukture.

- The works on the lower structure of the Carevdar viaduct, which will be 632 m long, have been completed, and the upper structure of the viaduct is being worked on with the technology from the hanging scaffolding. With this method of construction, we avoided the delivery of concrete prefabricated girders to the construction site, which would otherwise cause great difficulties in traffic during transport. - said Jurić, adding that after the completion of the mentioned works, the scaffolding will be moved to the Komari viaduct.

Works on the lower structure are currently being carried out on the open line, on the section from Križevci station to Lepavina station and on the section from Koprivnica station to Novo Drnje station.

As for the facilities, the works on a large number of omissions have been completed. Finishing works are being carried out on the Križevci overpass, a reinforced concrete gallery 880 meters long is being built on the Lepavina 2 overpass, works on the lower structure are being carried out on the Vuk, Danica, Šoderica and Novo Drnje overpasses, while works on the Sokolovac overpass are in the initial phase .

Works on the lower structure are being carried out on the Komari viaduct, while on the Kloštar Vojakovački viaduct the works on the construction of the lower structure have been completed and the works on the construction of the upper structure have begun. Embankments were largely built at the Novo Drnje station. Also, at the Novo Drnje station, works are being carried out on the platforms and the station building. Works on pedestrian underpasses are being carried out at the Majurec and Peteranec stops.

Work on the Drava bridge is also progressing, and the steel bridge structure for the upper structure of the bridge has begun to arrive at the construction site. Work has also begun on the Velika Mučna gallery, where reinforced concrete piles are currently being built. Preparatory works on the Ivanečki underpass and the construction of foundations and abutments on the Gliboki bridge have also begun. The plan is to continue with all activities at the above locations and in the next period to start work on the Danica underpasses and on the underpasses at the Vojakovački Kloštar stop and at the Koprivnica station.

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