The clinic for psychiatry in Skopje is the first health institution that will improve energy efficiency with a grant from the World Bank

The facility of the Clinic for Psychiatry in Skopje will be completely renovated and energy efficient, through the Project for the Improvement of Energy Efficiency, which is financed by a grant from the World Bank, and implemented by the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. Construction work will begin on May 15, and the building should get a new look in five months.
The University Clinic for Psychiatry is the first facility out of a total of 18 health institutions included in the Project, in the component intended to improve the energy efficiency of facilities. Five out of a total of 25 million euros are planned for this component.
Within the Project, 10 million euros are planned for projects to improve the energy efficiency of buildings at the local level, while activities for 42 projects in 12 municipalities have already started, and project support activities are also being undertaken. in 16 municipalities.
The number of facilities that will be covered by the Project may continue to grow, as municipalities can still submit applications.
In addition to supporting projects related to the improvement of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in facilities at the local and state level, the Project envisages the establishment of an Energy Efficiency Fund with an initial capital of five million euros, which should function within the framework of the Development Bank project.
The main goals of the Project are to reduce energy consumption in the public sector and support the establishment and operationalization of a sustainable financing mechanism for energy efficiency in the public sector. Investments in renewable energy sources and increasing the energy efficiency of buildings at the local and central level, as well as in individual buildings, have proven to be particularly significant in times of energy crisis. In this way, money is saved as an expenditure for the energy used, but also the resources for the production of that energy are saved and the environment is protected. That is why this project is of particular importance both from the point of view of cost rationalization and from the point of view of environmental protection.
In the University Clinic for Psychiatry, electrical installations, lighting and heating, central cooling, thermal insulation of the building, reconstruction of the roof, replacement of windows and doors, etc. will be carried out.
During the renovation, patients from the Clinic will be hospitalized in the Psychiatric Hospital - Skopje and in the Department of Psychiatry in the City General Hospital "8. Septembar", for which these institutions have sufficient capacity. The children's department will temporarily function in the GOB "8 Septemvri" - Skopje.