Legalization of the occupation of Crimea. Putin has started a new game

Propagandist "RIA Novosti" published on its site a text with the catchy title "Parliament of Crimea: the transfer of the peninsula to the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic has not been legally formalized." It states that the self-proclaimed "head of the Crimean parliament" Vladimir Konstantinov made a sensational statement, saying: "The justification for reversing the decision on the transfer of Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR in 1954 will not last long, because the process has not been legally formalized."
The information that the "Crimean authorities" are raising the issue of revoking the decision on ceding the peninsula to the Ukrainian SSR seems very strange. After all, it is obvious that without instructions from Moscow, Putin's puppets Konstantinov or Aksyonov would never have dared to make such statements under any conditions. But we know that for Putin, Crimea has, frankly, a sacred meaning. And losing control of the Ukrainian peninsula for the Russian dictator would mean, in the eyes of his accomplices in the Kremlin, the liquidation of all the criminal assets they have acquired in Ukraine since the spring of 2014.
Although in general, why would Putin himself legitimize his crimes in this way, when, except for a few of his political vassals, no one in the world recognizes Crimea as a territory of the Russian Federation. Despite all the colossal efforts Moscow has made. So, the Kremlin is preparing to launch a new geopolitical "bullshit", realizing that they will be forced to leave Crimea.
Hence all the verbal tricks of Vladimir Konstantinov, which his Moscow masters ordered him to utter.

"We have determined our claims. When this issue is looked at carefully, it becomes obvious that we have never left the Russian Federation, whose borders did not change in 1954, and thus in 2014. That is, the process of our reception and transfer was not only a gross disregard of the political will of Crimeans, it was not legally formalized," said Konstantinov.
He noted that "the preparation of the explanation for canceling the decision on the cession of Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR will not take long".
If Konstantinov is not going to file a complaint regarding Crimea with the Basman Court of the city of Moscow, why does he need it at all? After all, it is legally impossible to retroactively annul the decision, which was made in the long-defunct USSR almost 70 years ago.
And as Moscow ponders where to file charges related to the "illegal and criminal sale" of Alaska to the United States on March 30, 1867 by Russian Tsar Alexander II, Konstantinov is preparing to repeat history.
"We are dealing with a very serious volume of gross violations. These are not complex legal rules that need to be proven. The offenses committed are so gross and flagrant that we still wonder how it could have happened. But it happened," emphasized Konstantinov.

According to him, "the authorities that made the decision to transfer Crimea from one Soviet republic to another did not have such authority."
"The Supreme Soviets of the republics did not make a decision on relocation at all. And the borders of the republics were not discussed, nor were they marked after the change of the place of "registration of Crimea", which is a key point in the preparation of such a decision. Not to mention the fact that the referendums, which were foreseen by the Constitution of the USSR, were not held. All this is only a small part of the offenses that have been committed. Based on that, Crimea is part of Russia according to the law that was in force until 1954 and was never part of Ukraine," Konstantinov believes.
However, if Putin included Crimea as part of Russia in the Constitution of the Russian Federation, then what is the problem? It seems that after preparing false legal justifications for the Crimean peninsula belonging to the Russian Federation, Moscow will file lawsuits with such "indisputable evidence" to some international courts or courts of countries that Putin considers his strategic partners and friends. There are few such countries, but they exist.
It cannot be ruled out that, for the sake of "objectivity", Konstantinov and his Moscow accomplices, for example, will simultaneously file lawsuits related to the annexation of Crimea before the courts of Belarus, Serbia and Hungary.
It is clear that neither Lukashenko, Aleksandar Vučić, nor Viktor Orban will be able to deny that to Putin. Orbán will hold such a trial not in the capital Budapest, because such a court trick will not work there, but somewhere on the outskirts of Hungary. Maybe in Pécs, Miskolc or Kapošvar.
After that, having in their hands the decision on Crimea, made by their Hungarian, Belarusian or Serbian friends, Putin's spokesman Peskov or his minister of international falsification Lavrov, will have a trump card in front of the world media. Like, “look, international courts consider Crimea to be Russian territory. And for us, the decisions of these courts are binding".

"Fighter for peace" under Putin's terms, Hungarian President Viktor Orbán, has become so infected with his open support for the Russian Federation that he does not care what the West and the world think of him.
And then the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, Péter Szijártó, will spread the following theses around the world, perhaps:
"There is no longer any question as to who should belong to the disputed Crimea, since it has been proven in the courts of several countries, that the Crimean peninsula is forever the territory of the Russian Federation. And in general, it is not worth returning to this problem, because it simply does not exist anymore. Right now, the most important thing for us is to end the war in Ukraine as soon as possible. We need peace, and if the world had listened to Hungary's peace initiatives, it would not have mindlessly pumped up Ukraine with weapons, then peace would have been achieved a long time ago."
It is possible that Putin needs the decision of foreign courts regarding the Ukrainian Crimea, in order to try to overturn the decision of the International Criminal Court in The Hague or other similar international organizations.
After that, seeking support in a number of African and Latin American countries to demonstrate the alleged "legal illegality" of Ukraine's "illegal claims" to its internationally recognized territory occupied by Russia.
One gets the impression that Putin's revisionists, after this initiative by Konstantinov, are preparing to review and introduce corrections to all previous agreements and decisions made in the Soviet Union.

And although it is complete nonsense, some "experts" in Russia have already started stating: "Referring to the old agreements on "friendship and cooperation" is absurd, because those agreements were signed at a different time. After Ukraine became an enemy country and moved towards NATO, what kind of agreements can we talk about. It is necessary to denounce the old agreements, and cancel this "land transfer" or find violations of which there were plenty. The right thing should be done."
Another expert, commenting on Konstantinov's initiative, emphasizes that "this should be done with every post-Soviet republic, otherwise they became arrogant, and we relaxed. We agreed on the CIS when the USSR collapsed, then there was no agreement on NATO or the EU, not even close. Crimea is Crimea and it is much more important to recognize the conspiracy as legally void. There were no legal grounds for that, neither legal nor international. I wonder if the Russian leadership will understand that the demonstration of weakness and excessively soft policy, "steps of goodwill", "grain deals" and fear of spoiling relations, lead to escalation and unpredictable risks".
It cannot be ruled out that Putin, with this illogical Crimean initiative, is embarking on a new aggressive campaign, the goal of which is to completely deny the collapse of the USSR and recognize the sovereignty of all newly independent states as illegal. It can be predicted that in the near future, some Russian officials will launch a legal investigation of the Belovezhda Agreements on the dissolution of the Soviet Union and, quite understandably, will then obtain the necessary legal "conclusions" and "results".
It follows from everything that after the probable annexation of Belarus, which Moscow is clearly preparing, Putin will be ready to try to join the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan by force. And since he is very fond of providing a "legal justification" for any of his illegal actions, then it all starts to come together.
It seems that Konstantinov's move is only the first step on the way to the fact that the Kremlin intends to divide international support for Ukraine on the Crimea issue. Motivating it by the fact that, you see, there is no unanimity on this issue, and if court decisions regarding Crimea were made not in Russia, but in other countries, then one can hardly doubt their objectivity and fairness.
According to the twisted "logic" of Putin's Vladimir Konstantinov, modern Italy should today lay claim to half of Europe on the grounds that the Roman army had long held large parts of it under its control. And Turkey, too, can lay claim to the Crimean peninsula, as it was controlled by the Ottoman Empire until the end of the 18th century, when it was conquered by Russia.
In any case, it is clear from the above that Putin has started a new game about Crimea, hoping to turn the situation around this Ukrainian peninsula. He needs to provoke another discussion on the Crimea issue. And all this can continue until the Armed Forces of Ukraine close this issue forever, after the de-occupation of Crimea and the expulsion of all Moscow henchmen from its territory.