Empowering rural women through berries

Diellza Uka embarked on her journey at the age of 14 when her family ventured into the cultivation of blueberries and raspberries. In 2014, supported by USAID, the family established Berry Fruits, cultivating on a modest 8000 square meters of land. A decade later, at 23, Diellza,  the family's first agronomist, manages a 5-hectare farm producing blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries.
Studying plants for their unique language, Diellza passionately tends to their needs. Despite challenges, she remains committed, seeing agribusiness not just as agriculture but as a symbol of leadership and dedication, especially for women.

"Agribusiness is a game-changer for women," Diellza declares, highlighting their resilience. Berry Fruits, supported by USAID, is now a leading berry company in Kosovo and a member of the national association "Mjedra e Kosoves," showcasing the transformative potential of rural women in agribusiness.
Today, Berry Fruits stands proudly as one of Kosovo's leading berry companies and is a member of the national association "Mjedra e Kosoves." With USAID's support, Diellza Uka's success story stands as an inspiring testament to the potential of rural women in agribusiness.